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Hotel Sole - Via Guglielmo Marconi, 36 - 25010 Limone sul Garda - Lake Garda - Italy

Tel.+39 0365 954055
Lake Garda Hotel Sole - Limone
Lake Garda Hotel Sole - Limone
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Double/lake view/balcony
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The Limonaia represents the typical structure of the lemongarden of Lake Garda.
Its structure is absolutely unique in its kind and had the scope to concur the cultivation of these citruses in a geographical position border of the Alps. The lemongarden "Limonaia del Castel" testifies the importance in the "Coast of the Lemons" (from Salò to Limone) of the cultivation of lemons, which represented, until the end of `800 century, the first source of yield for this part of Lake Garda.
The cultivation of lemons was already known from the '300 but becames a flourishing industry only from the '700 when the family Bettoni of Bogliaco constructed immense greenhouses in Bogliaco and Limone and constituted in north-oriental part of Europe the company "Francesco Bentotti" in the aim to manage the export of lemons. Thanks of this initiative the Lake garda becames the most northern zone in the world for cultivation of the citruses: to 46° the degree of latitude nord.
From 1855 began the slow decline of the cultivation of the lemons: the "Gommosi" (the greater disease of the lemon-trees), the competition of the most economic lemons from the southern regions and the discovery of synthetic citric acid were the main causes.

 Tremosine and its cheeses


Along the Western Gardesana up to the crossroad (well signaled) for Pieve (Tremosine). We go up the winding panoramic road cliff above the Lake Garda crossing a preistorical gorge diged from the force of the water. The winding road goes towards the blue sky through a infernal alley between rocks cliff above the Lake Garda. Along the route we meet two typical restaurants. On the top we arrive in Pieve, small village with one exceptional view on the whole Lake Garda. Panoramic points: parvis of the church and the famous cliff-hanging terrace. Continuing in direction of Sermerio, the road runs panoramically along the Lake Garda and then goes up until a small pass and lands in a plain where we will find the dairy "Alpe del Garda", with the annexed restaurant and store of typical cheeses. We continue in direction of Vesio, other small village of Tremosine. Brief stop and back to Limone.

 Cima Rest Tombea


By car (Western Gardesana) up to Gargnano, crossroad in direction Magasa, we drive along the Lake Valvestino. After the artificial Lake Valvestino, we cross a small bridge and turn right in direction of the small village of Magasa, characteristic angle of peace; here we can park and face by cycle the last slope until the 1,200 meters of the peak "Cima Rest" or continue by car. 6 Km through small waterfalls of fresh water and larchs. We catch up a tableland where a surprise is waiting for us: a group of Nordic constructions with the straw-roof. They are the ancient hay-lofts where men and animals passed the summer and sometimes the winter. Abandoned for a long time, now they live again thanks to the love of inhabitants of this place, which have reconstructed with great engagement the rural atmosphere of the old peasants. In one of these hay-lofts with the straw-roof (7,500 together-bound faggots) has served the typical native products. (Snack Bar Tavagnù 0365-74067). Tasting these wondeful products we can enjoy the fantastic view towards the Lake Garda. Inside a barn there is an interesting museum of old tools and in the nearness an astronomical observatory. Continuing on foot (2 h approximately), we can reach the alpine pasture "Malga Tombea" and the glacial lake. At the peak Cima Rest we can make a oengastronomic stop at the inn Cima Rest (0365-74054) in order to taste the "polenta Taragna", the gnocchi of the farmers, but above all the cheese Tombea a rarity with 7 years of seasoning. An unusual route between legend and nature. From Cima Rest we walk along a path that grazes the Italian fortifications of the Great War, we walk in the heart of wild nature, until the mount "Monte Tombea" that encloses in a small valley a lake which has encircled from strange heaps of ground which rise spontaneously in constant way. Beautiful is the sight of Lake Idro and Lake Garda. On return way we can make a pause at Cima Rest in order to visit the Museum of the mountain-barn, with tools for the production of cheese.



By car (Western Gardesana) up to the crossroad for Tignale. Deviate from the Western Gardesana and take the beautiful panoramic road that leads to the top; Near Gardola continue towards the Sanctuary of Montecastello, well signaled . It is possible to reach it also by car throught a very steep and uncomfortable road Via Crucis, free parking. Our goal, the Sanctuary of Montecastello, is a place of peace and prayer, which recalls from centuries pilgrims and faithfuls looking for a consolation but also a fascinating panoramic emplacement cliff above the Lake Garda. Constructed in the XIII sec on the rests of the castle "Rocca Scaligera", conserves valuable paintings of the XVII century of Andrea Celesti and a fresco of the school of Giotto. Entering in the court of the Monastero we meet the hush of this place and we will be attracted from the two great perrons that carry to the upper floor of the church and from the sacrality of its penumbra. Entering in the church comes natural a prayer. If we wish to extend the day we can drive until Prabione where we can visit the Museum of the Naturpark Altogarda in order to know the traditions and the singolar habitat of this mountain-territory.

 The Vittoriale - Gardone


We dedicate one day to this full of history and memories route, bound with the strong personality of its creator: Gabriele d'Annunzio, poet and hero. Commemorative mausoleum, the "Vittoriale degli Italiani", is the place where the poetry and the passionate nature of D'Annunzio are realized in order to speak us about Gloria, Honor, Mother-Country but also about love and death. The Vittoriale is the incarnation of the thought of the poet and the representation of its life like a Work of Art with continuous callbacks to its feats and its words. The emotional impact of the visit will be sure strong and it will put us in contact with the daring and visionary thought of Gabriele d'Annunzio: "MEMENTO AUDERE SEMPER" remembers always to be daring, "ARDISCO, NOT ORDISCO", (I'm daring, I never plot), says the pure spirit of the Warrior.

 Botanical garden Hruska - Gardone


Realized from the dentist from Innsbruck Arthur Hruska in year 1906, on the hill of Gardone. It is a green paradise of 10.000 mq with a remarkable arboreal patrimony of approximately 2.000 species. Between the avenues are placed numerous works of art. In 1989 it was acquired from the viennese artist André Heller who invites numerous friends and poets. It has divided in 4 sectors: English with tropical and fat plants, the Japanese with small ponds and typical vegetation, the Indian with bamboo forest, and the Dolomitic with a wall of 13 meters with cliffs and clefts from which gushes out the water of three waterfalls.
Opening: from half march until half october, daily from 9.00 until 12.00 o'Clock.

 Salò and the Valtenesi


Elegant town with Romanic origins rised in the heart of a small gulf of Lake Garda. In the square "Piazza della Vittoria" is the "Building of the Magnificent Country" ("Palazzo della Magnifica Patria") of the 1524 of the artist Sansovino. It was seat of the Council of the "Community of Salò ("Comunità di Salò"), an institution that governed 42 communes of the coast, today Townhall and Archaeological Museum. Here has borned the maker of stringed instruments Gasparo da Salò (1540-1609), considered the inventor of the violin. To see: Church of S. Maria dell'Annunziata with paintings of Paolo Veneziano and of Romanino, the Building "Palazzo del Podestà", the Building "Palazzo della Magnifica Patria". Beautiful the seepromenade and the course with the many elegant shops. We continue to drive along Lake Garda. We can stop at S. Felice del Benaco and visit the oil-press of the "Cooperativa Agricola San Felice del Benaco" with guided tasting of extravergine oil of olive "Garda Bresciano Dop." Further we find the city of Manerba. From here we can reach the promontory of Montinelle with the Fortress "Rocca di Manerba", a Longobard building destroyed by the Venetians in 1786. Point of great panoramic vision of the whole south part of Lake Garda. In front of Punta Belvedere are perceived the isle of S. Biagio and the reef "Scogli dei Conigli". The excursion continues with the city of Moniga and its typical wine: The Chiaretto. The Chiaretto with its clear pink color, the particular aroma of flowers and fruit and from the harmonic and dry taste unites particularity of the red and white wines in a harmonious and inimitable taste. Moniga devotes every year two demonstrations to this exceptional wine: in the month of April the "Palio del Chiaretto" and in the month of July the "Rassegna del Chiaretto". If the time and the desire allow it we can rent a motor boat at The Nauticlub Moniga and depart for a sweet afternoon of relax.

 La Valle delle Cartiere - Toscolano


By car along the Gardesana Occidentale up to the middle of Maderno; we park and by bicycle or on foot we enter in the Valley of Paper mills (Valle delle Cartiere). From the middle of the city we reach the valley, crossing the ancient bridge on the river, and we cover the old road which served to the full of raw materials trucks to reach the stores. The Valle delle Cartiere was, after which of Fabriano, the second manufacture of paper in Italy. Already active in the XIV century, the paper mills of Toscolano knew through the centuries an rapid development, due to their ability to satisfy the demand of the local printing-houses and of those of Venice. The great quantity of pure water transported from the river with its engine-power has permitted to develop a series of factories which from the middle of 1800 has produced high-quality papers, watermarked and perfect for the money-press. Also after the fall of the Venetian Republic the production was in the hands of expert artisans; the introduction of the automatic machine in some paper mills in northern Italy had as result the progressive decline of the paper mills of Garde, Vago e Maina Inferiore. Today the valley is one of the most representative cases of the Italian historical-industrial patrimony. The small building that was the gatehouse of the factory of Maina Inferiore, the last which stopped its activity in the Valley during the beginning of the sixties, contains the "Museum of the Paper". Museum has been divided in 4 sections: "The memory" (publications about the place and the production which was made here); "The memory" (numerous photos); "The manufacture" (accurate reconstruction of the environments, of the machines and of the work in an eighteenth-century paper mill); "The filigree" (initials and marks of paper mills of Lake Garda).

 Isle of Garda


The widest island of Lake Garda, with a lenght of 1 kilometer and a wide of 60 meters, isn't normally accessible to the public because its private ownership. In Roman epoch there was a temple devoted to Jupiter. Around the year 1220 St. Francis of Assisi founded here a monastery, which was destroyed during the Napoleonic wars. Today the island presents a Newgothic palace in Venetian-oriental style, diped in a luxuriant garden in Italian style. The island of the Garda is a place of rare beauty. A precious casket, full of history, memoirs and legends. A treasure encircled by the transparent braccia of Lake Garda. A picturesque rock which welcomed ancient people, from the Romans to the Longobardis. The Island opens its treasures to guided visits. A route of about 90 minutes, among an intact vegetation, the signs of the history, the stories of mysteries and secular legends. At the end will be offered a small refreshment, with tasting of products of Valtenesi (Oil and Wine).
Boat departure: at 9.30 from Barbarano di Salò (Boat Service Danieli phone and fax 0365.42770)
Return: about at 12.00 o'clock
Opening for individual visitors: from May until September and only on Tuesday and Thursday morning.
Booking: it is essential to book by phone (0365-62294) or sending a fax (0365.559418).



For one day we leave the car and we reach Sirmione with the rapid service of the Hydroplanes. Route-time from Limone: about 3 hours
Wonderful city which has devoted to tourism and thermal baths. Sirmione lies on the extremity of a thin peninsula which penetrates in the lake for 3 kms. Beautiful the Scaligero Castle of year 1250 with the museum, which is open from 09.00 until 13.00 o'clock, Mondays excluded. The historical center shows off the best boutiques, shops, pizzerie, gelaterie and restaurants. We can walk throught the lanes of the historical center and the squares which open suddenly and reach the Grotte di Catullo. The Grotte di Catullo are on the cape of the peninsula of Sirmione. They constitute the ruins of a Roman villa which the tradition wants to have been the abode of the Latin poet Catullo. In the near museum can be admired objects, which have been found during the excavations.
Opening: from 09.00 until 16.00 o'Clock, in summer until 18.00 o'clock, Mondays excluded..
Back with the Hydroplane.

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With its great alpine panorama, a mild climate and a mediterranean, in an alpine environment, vegetation Lake Garda has much to offer for the trekkers..

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