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Lake Garda Hotel Sole - Limone
Lake Garda Hotel Sole - Limone
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 Mountain trouts


By car, from Riva del Garda we take the tunnel which in about 10 minutes leads to the Val di Ledro. After the last gallery, 100 meters on the left side there is the small village of Biacesa. Here we find one of the most ancient trout-farm of the area (Troticoltura Armanini), established in year 1936, it makes use of the rich spring water originating from the near mountains which allows the breeding of a very appreciated variety: the Salmerino, a sort of small salmon. Three are the importanter raised exemplary: the Trout Iridea, from the typical iridescent band on the side, the Salmonata with rosy meats, breeded with special biological foods and the Salmerino, appreciated and not too much diffused salmonid, elegant in the forms and with meats with a delicate and a particular taste. It is possible to spend a few instructive hours to know how the trouts are breeded in a mountain fish-farm, looking the squeezing of the eggs, the cares for the fries, the pasture, the changes of tub up to reach the optimal measure for the sale.

 Hand made mountain-boots


Near the small village of Prè we find the last working forge of the valley. A small house of granite and wood houses the last laboratory of the nailing masters, the artisans which hammered the red-hot iron to make the nails for the mountain boots. This activity, now old, in the past was of vital importance. It comes from the demand to equip the boots of the mountaineers against the ice. Subsequently it was very important for the soldiers boots. It was a very necessary job for the Austrian government and then for the Italian one during the two world conflicts to fit the soldiers boots with nails, in a period when the plastic materials didn't exist yet. In a working day every nailing master was be able to make 2000-2500 nails. Now Mr. Nicolò Battaini and others inhabitants of the village let revive this activity with some appointments during the year; the forge is visitable and produces nails, small manufactured jewels of handicraft ability.

 Picco Rosso


In Pieve di Ledro, in historical center, is the Pharmacy Foletto; nearby we find the Museum of the Pharmaceutical Utensils. It is possible to see the machines which were during last century the expression of the technology for the manufacture of pills, ointments, toothpastes, used by the first chemist of the valley, Giovanni Foletto, in 1855 and then from his child Angelo. The pharmacy is a family tradition, which is still managed today by the Foletto family. It is also possible to taste liqueurs and bitterses of herbs still realized with the original recipes of last century. The most famous liqueur produced from the distillery Folletto is the “Picco Rosso” a distillate with an alcoolic contents of 68 degrees, sweet and with a flavour of rawsberry).

 White magic


By car from Pieve di Ledro up to Tiarno di Sotto; park near the center and turn to the right towards the Gor d’Abiss, signalled by a board. On foot up to the waterfall. To see: the water-mill. The Gor d’Abiss is a spectacular waterfall which throws from the mountain in a deep gorge with a rhombus amplified by the walls, which remember a canyon. The green water of its puddle would invite to swim, but the temperature would discourage everybody; better enjoying only the panorama offered by the beautiful gorge in the middle of the mountain and covered of pines. Along the journey we meet an old water-mill, which is worth to visit for looking the ancient millstones. Not far away is the ancient church of S. Lucia.

 Pile-dwellings museum


At Molina di Ledro directly on Lake Ledro there is the pile-dwellings museum, reference point: a straw hut. An unbelievable trip backwards in the time. Lake Ledro returned its treasure guarded for so many centuries among its sands in year 1929 when the level of the water subsided and appeared more then 10.000 poles 5.000 years old, which represented one of the greater pile-dwellings area of whole Europe. Many wondeful discoveries had done during the excavations and a part of these are visible in the museum together with the reproduction of a pile-dwelling. The most beautiful pieces are: 4 crowns in bronze, axes, vases in terracotta and some extraordinary edges of cloth.

 Lake Ampola and Tremalzo


The Lake Ampola represents a naturalistic habitat of extreme interest because the shores of the lake are completely at the natural state; this means rich in flora and proper for the necessities and habits of aquatic birds, of amphibians and of reptiles. It is possible to walk on a gangway on the reed thicket and admire the colors of the flowering of orchids, or in a small minibiotop to admire the principal aquatic and botanical species, or learn and recognize the terrestrial one along an interesting botanical path. The Visitors Center gives the opportunity to know the natural things and their evolution, for example as the Lake Ampola is changed during the times. In the Visitors Center can be admired: a big aquarium, a terrario, a great plastic model of the valley, a diorama to discover the flowers of Lake Ampola, birds’ aerie with the possibility to listen their songs. After the Lake Ampola there is the road leading in about 10 Kms. up to the top of the mountain Monte Tremalzo (1974 mt.). Here we find, in a wonderful position the refuge Rifugio Garda where we can stop for a meal.

 Ethnographic path Rio Caino


We leave the valley Valle di Ledro in the direction of Storo. We reach the small village of Cimego. The start of the path is directly not far away from the parking. We cross the gangway on the river Chiese and we begin the visit to this museum in the open air. The path begins from the 450 meters of the bridge up to the 750 meters of Malga Caino for about 4 kms, and it is easily practicable. It follows the morphology of the mountain and allows the visitors to walk crossing one of the more intact zones of fauna, where possible it is possible to run into roes and bucks, or hear the cry of robins and of the cuckoos. You can enjoy panoramas spacing from Lake Idro up to the valley Val Rendena.
Along the path we will find:
- the evidences of the ancient jobs: the forge, true symbol of Cimego, the water-mill, the furnaces for the production of slaked lime (calchère) and the stall, the rooms for the milk workmanship, the woodman's house, the “poiàt” for the production of the bone coal;
- the evidences of the war: the trenches of the Great War, when for the Italians the warfront was here and at Lardaro, some more kilometer to north, was the austrian-ungaric army;
- the scientific evidences through the autochtonous vegetation and with the garden of the "witch Brigida", a botanical jewel, in which the different officinali herbes used by the witch has been gathered. The witch really lived in Cimego around year 1470;
- the evidences of the daily life: the “roccolo”, where the valley’ inhabitants captured the birds.

 Visitor's centre natural park Adamello-Brenta


The Visitors Center is situated on the last floor of the Town hall of Daone. It is visitable and reserved to the fauna of park. It articulates through six rooms in which, also with the aid of video technologies, is possible to do a trip in the marvelous nature of the natural park Adamello-Brenta.

 The wild natur of Daone and Fumo


The most important access to the park is the Valley of Daone-Fumo. With its 24 Kms it is the widest permanently not inhabited lateral valley of Trentino. Deeply eroded from the river Chiese, the valley Valle di Daone constitutes a typical alpine habitat, which offers the unusual opportunity to encounter wild animals: chamoises, roes, bucks, ibexes, eagles and marmots will surprise the attentive excursionist. Numerous are the lateral valleys still authentic in their natural vigor and in their wild beauty, as the Val Danerba and the Val di Leno. Real pearls are the delicious small alpine lakes, which prick the valley. The most famous are the Lakes Campo, Casinei, Copidello, d’Avolo and Mare. On the other side we can’t forget the artificial basins of Boazzo and Bissina, with their hydroelectric stations. From the bottom of the valley start numerous paths of various difficulty, from the restful walks in the woods, up to the excursions towards the stately peaks as: the Dosso dei Morti (mt. 2183), the Re di Castello (mt. 2.891), the Cima Cop di Breguzzo (mt. 2.997), the Carè Alto (mt. 3.462), the Corno di Cavento (mt. 3.402) e the Cima Cresta Croce (mt. 3.307).
In its upper part the valley Valle di Daone changes the name in Val di Fumo, entirely included inside the Natural Park Adamello-Brenta. It is one of the most suggestive valleys of the alpine arc, rich of botanical species and fauna. The extraordinary and unmistakable landscape of the Val di Fumo has done it one of the more desidered destinations by the excursionists of every age.
From the refuge Val di Fumo (90 minutes from the parking of Lake Malga Bissina), they who have more expertise can face the ascent to the Carè Alto or the crossing on glaciers Lobbie and Adamello, places in which, still today, is possible to find numerous evidences of the Great War.

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