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 The road of Ponale - Riva


This Road is the bold project which on the end of last century interrupted the millennial isolation of the Valley Valle di Ledro; it was dug entirely by hand and with many bridges. It offers exceptional panoramas cliff above the Lake Garda.
Duration: about 2 hours.



With the boat we reach Riva del Garda in about 30 minutes. At the arrival, we see the symbol of Riva del Garda: the Tower Apponale. The name is still mysterious given by the ancient builders. The first documents date its beginning around the year 1200, but it is surely ancienter and it was part of the principal defense system of the old city, together with the Fortress, with which it seems was in connection with a gallery which passed under the bottom of Lake Garda. 34 meters high, it allows a wide view on Riva del Garda and on Lake Garda; from the Tower we turn to the right to the Fortress “La Rocca”. La Rocca, a defensive castle of year 1100, holds the Civic Museum of Riva del Garda, with a beautiful pinacoteca and a lot of neolitical, Etruscan and Roman testimonies. The Archaeological section, whose areas of reference is constituted by Lake Garda, from the Monte Baldo and from the southern area of the valley Sarca, offers rare pieces as the enigmatic statues, the precious crowns in bronze, the vases in glass and terracottas. Very interesting it is also the small museum Villino Campi. The building, in liberty style, is reachable walking along the beach. Periodically shows and initiatives of popularization and sensitization are held on the thematics of the lake habitat and of the water-cycle, with particular reference to the ecosystem of Lake Garda. Also to see: street Via Fiume and the square Piazza delle Erbe. Via Fiume, is the ancient road which near the medioeval boundaries connected the commercial harbour with the city allowing the transit of commodities. On its sides opened the merchants’ and artisans’ shops, now replaced from commercial shops and typical restaurants. Piazza delle Erbe was the place traditionally reserved for the stands exposing the land products: flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, honey. Today, Piazza delle Erbe is the heart of the city, where the people go to have a chat, to know someone and to look around.



By car up to Riva del Garda, take the road to Varone and continue up to Canale. Canale is a small village on the slopes of the mountain Monte Misone and it is now the same like it was 100 years ago. In the period of Ferragosto (15 august) here there is a party with masks, songs, dances. It lets relive to the visitors a period now forgotten: traditional-dress shows and rustic dishes. By evening the light of the torches illuminates the scenes and the jugglers begin dancing among the people. In other periods it is possible to take part some courses of ceramics "Raku", of painting or sculpture. Artistic village.

 The austrian fortifications


Riva del Garda, Torbole e Nago were since the ‘800 century strategic military outposts of Asburgic Empire. The Austrian Fortifications are still present and well visible and represented a very well organized defensive system.
The defensive structure included the fortresses on the:
- Mountain Tombio (above Riva)
- Mountain Brione
- near Nago
We will visit only those of the Brione Mountain and of Nago, while they are better conserved
Monte Brione - we depart from Porto S. Niccolò, where we find the Fortress Forte S.Niccolò. It is connected with the upper Fortress Forte Garda, (with 3 levels and 4 armored domes was built during 1907-1909) by a communication trench which run along the crest of the Brione Mountain. On top of the Mountain is the Fortress Forte S. Alexander (1860-1862) modernized in 1908. Below was displaced Middle Battery.
Nago - From the center of Torbole along the road Nago Vecchia. On top of the road we meet two Fortresses: the Forte Alto and the Forte Basso. Together they represent a splendid example of war architecture. The complex closed the road on top of the slope. Mighty and strategically positioned they constituted an insurmountable barrage for the invaders whom were sighted from a big distance. Their perfectly preserved interiors are constructed with small brick. They were connected by communication trench closed by quite a lot meters high boundaries; a strengthened door closed the road. Restored in recent epoch they are now sit of a cultural center and periodically hold high-level exhibition. They are visitable in the opening periods. The Forte Alto holds a typical restaurant and at the 2° level photographic and painting exhibitions.The Forte Basso holds a typical restaurant too.

 Walk Riva-Torbole


A long walk along the shore of Lake Garda departing from Riva del Garda and reaching Torbole (about 6 Kms). The start point is the harbour of the Fraglia of Riva del Garda toward Punta Lido along the pubblic walk on lakefront. During the journey we will find many inlets where to swim or to bask in the sun. Arrived at the end of beach of Riva del Garda we reach the harbour S. Nicolò with the rests of the old Austrian bunkers. We countinue running around the small mountain Monte Brione up to the river Sarca where the new bridge leads us on the bank of Torbole. At the mouth of the river we find a small reed, last strip of the vast reed which covered a large part of beaches and of banks of the river toward the inside for above 1 Km.

 The Wind's Capital


Torbole is the Wind's Capital. It is famous around the world for the constant winds. In the morning blows the northwind (Péler) and in the afternoon blows the southwind (Óra): the sails of whom sailing on the lake of Garda are always swollen. During a vacation on the Lake Garda don’t lost the spectacle of the sails racing and crossing itself in front of Torbole. In Torbole a lot of world regattas are held both for the windsurf and for the sailing. We can lie on the beach and admire the hundreds motley sails, while wind invites to try the windsurf adventure or we can:
- visit the church of S. Andrew
- visit the Belvedere, panoramic place offering a sight which spaces on the whole Lake Garda up to see Sirmione
- walk up to Nago along the street S. Lucia.
This ancient street saw in year 1439 the transit, hauled by 2000 oxen, of the galleys which the Republic of Venice sent in aid of the besieged city of Brescia. For twice the generals Gattamelata and Colleoni repeated the extraordinary enterprise, rearming the ships in the harbour of Torbole. Eight Galleys and and eight Galleons and many more others of smaller dimension which surprised and destroyed the ships of Viscounts in the near of the Ponale.

 Torbole by night


By evening Torbole is the meeting point for the surfers. You will find them to narrate their enterprises in the wind in the small cafes of Torbole. After midnight we go to the small disco Conca d’Oro, with terrace directly on Lake Garda.



Departing from the central square of Arco, we take the road for the castle; we walk up to the front door and pay for the entry-ticket. Wonderful is the panorama which ranges over the whole valley. A walk along the castle boundaries and later we go to the arboretum of Arco which constitutes an edge of the ancient Park Arciducale created around year 1872 by the archduke Alberto of Asburgo. A lot of the origineal trees are still alive and admirable, as the many great exemplars of Conifer, the gigantic evergreen Sequoia, the tree of Mammuth. The arboretum is a living botanical museum. There are also visible a lot of and different botanical species coming from subtropical climates which survive here thanks to the mild climate of Arco. Unfortunately the original green beauty of Arco has currently gone lost because of the immoderate building speculation.

 The river Sarca


This is a easy excursion to be completed by bike. We depart from the harbour S. Nicolò of Riva del Garda and we cycle along the cycle-path up to the bridge on the river Sarca. On the left the cycle-path continues along the river up to the Bridge Romano of Dro. We cross the bridge and we return to the harbour S. Nicolò.

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